Be careful on thos bikes


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Be careful on those bikes

After breaking both of my legs, one arm and taking three years to recover, I can give first-hand advice to people. Be careful when you're on a motorcycle. The car in front of you can stop so suddenly that you can't avoid hitting it. In my case, a car pulled out to pass the truck in front of him and hit me head-on. He was in a no-passing lane, too.
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My husband had to lay down a bike before otherwise suffer worse than he did. I am amazed that more people do not realize how important it is to look out for those on a bike. It is one reason I never ended up with my own license, I barely trust people when I am in a car around me, on a bike I would be a constant worry wart.


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Vroom, it isn't just other motorists that are a danger to those on bikes. I have seen motorcyclists driving irresponsibly and it drives me bonkers. Mostly because those are the ones that will say that other drivers need to watch for them.

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It makes me nervous when a motorcycle is driving near me! I have heard my fair share of horror stories from people who have witnessed motorcycle crashes, or were involved in one themselves. It's a scary and serious situation.