Best car to take your license road test in


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If you had to take your road test all over again, what kind of car would you want to use? My daughter doesn't want to use my car (says it's too big). My mom has a much smaller car. I told her she needs to practice in whatever car she is taking the test in.


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I agree that she should be practicing and learning to drive in the car that she will be taking her road test in. They say the road test is a lot harder now so she would want to be comfortable. Good luck to her :high5:.


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I took my road test in a very big car, it was very uncomfortable but it was the one I learned how to drive on. Afterwards, with the license in your pocket, you can practice driving on whatever you want.


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I took mine in a straight drive land yacht. Talk about challenging. I got my liscense though and have since downsized to a smaller automatic car. Your daughter should practice and take her test in which ever vehicle she will be driving the most after she gets her liscense.


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I took my road test in a classic car and when i drive it so its have a lot of fun and i easily drive because its not an expensive car and also not cares about any of the accident because the car flow is mind blowing so that,s why i prefer these cars.