Big Rims and Low Profile Tyres


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I'm looking at getting a set of 18" mags to put on my car, which currently has 15". I also plan to lower it a couple of inches which means I'd need to get quite low profile tyres. I've got a few quotes and so far the cheapest mags are $250 each and the cheapest tyre is $800!!

I think this might be a bit steep for me, especially if I puncture one of those expensive things!


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If you start customizing, that's what you'll be looking at. Customization doesn't come cheap and the upkeep is the same. You may want to rethink the whole issue if you have a family to look after. If it's just you, blow the money while you can.


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That's quite expensive, but as Weezer says-if you are single and this is your hobby go for it. If you wait until you're married and settled down, you would never get away with spending that much money on your baby. The little wifey would have a word or two for you and they probably wouldn't be pleasant.:peace:


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I don't think the effect outweighs the cost. Unless the whole car is done up to perfection I think low-profiles aren't worth it. Start with some 16" and once you've lowered it will look sick.