Body screams!!


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I swear I thought I was in great shape. I just got back from NYC and it was a blast. I can't believe how much walking there is though. I walked all over the place. My back and legs were so tired and achy each night when I went to bed.


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I felt that way when we went to Ireland. I really felt it one time after we walked up what seemed like a 1000 stairs in an old castle. Even my eyelashes hurt!


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We did that in Chicago last year and I felt the same. I am pretty good shape too. I have had to run from Grand Central to Penn Station in New York with all my luggage to catch a train, so I know that was a lot of walking too.


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We were in New York City a few years ago in December. Man, it was cold. So our feet hurt, our muscles ached and our noses were frozen off our faces. I had the worst fever blisters and chapped lips afterwards.