Broken Window


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A friend of mine has a broken window in her vehicle. By broken, I mean it will not go up or down. Thank goodness it's up. She took it to the shop and they quoted her a terribly high price to fix this. What has to be done to fix a broken electric window?


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The motor needs to be replaced and most times the motors are pretty expensive. I had the same problem. My back window was stuck - the dealership said it was the motor. Well about 2 months later the window started working again.


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You are a blessed person smash. I tried to help a friend once and took the door panel off to try and fix the motor. No luck. He ended up taking it to a mechanic because we couldn't fix it. Don't think I'll do that again.


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We have the same problem with one of our vehicles. We don't drive it much so we haven't bothered to get it fixed. We were quoted a high price too. The motors are expensive and it is a very difficult DIY repair because you have to take the whole door apart.


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Oh that so sad to know about your car,DIY total repair so its a big fault of your car but not take any tension and take it to a experienced mechanic in you area,its no very expensive to fix it but it also depends on mechanic nature.