Bumper stickers: yay or nay?

What is your opinion on bumper stickers? Do you think they are a nice, simple way to express yourself and promote the causes that you are interested in, or do you think they just look tacky?


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I personally think that they are tacky, but maybe that is because the people who put bumper stickers on don't usually stop at one. I saw a car once that was just covered in them and you couldn't even tell what color it was.
In general, I think they are tacky, too. A surefire way to ruin a nice-looking car is to brand it with a stupid sticker. Some cars can get away with it more than others.

Big Al

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Why would anyone want to put something sticky on a car? Eventually, the sticker's message will fade, too and then your stuck with a piece of paper on the car.


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No bumper stickers allowed on my vehicles! Not only do they end up looking crappy, they can hide corrosion and allow rot to set in unnoticed. I do have some magnetic bumper 'stickers', though. These are easy to get rid of when they fade.


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I personally don't like displaying bumper stickers. I'm a private person and think bumper stickers say things about the people in the car. I like reading them when I'm in traffic, but I always formulate an opinion about the other drivers because of the messages.


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I don't think they are tacky but I don't have any. I think they make the car worth less money! I do have a couple of stickers in the windows (of places we have been).


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I think one or two small stickers on the bumper or on the rear glass are okay, but you see people who have them all over the back and sides of the car. I have an orange T on my back window and a round Pink Floyd sticker on my bumper, and that's it.


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Bumper stickers

I like reading bumper stickers on the backs of cars when I'm sitting at traffic lights. I say I'm a big fan of bumper stickers. It makes for great highway entertainment.


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I don`t mind having one or two bumper stickers. I do agree that covering your car looks tacky. Like calvin I love to read them while I`m in traffic. I have read some pretty funny ones. Then again I have seen some that are just outright rude.


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They will never go on any vehicle that I own, I worry too much about the possible damage of it. My youngest managed to stick one for a place on my office door and that was bad enough, I would hate to see what it does to car paint.


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You'll never see a bumper sticker on any of the cars I own. I think they are tacky looking and when it comes time to remove them, it's a real pain.