Car lights on busy freeways


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I'm not often out at night in a big city, but we just got home from just such a trip. There was so much traffic coming home, and it started to rain lightly. The winding cars in all the lanes stretching out ahead of us and on the other side of the freeway looked like giant strands of Christmas lights. It was beautiful, and so very dangerous.


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I remember when we were younger my cousin thinking that they were Christmas lights. It is a very beautiful but dangerous sight. I am thankful that I don't live in too big of a city, even though we do have our fair share of traffic.


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Agreed! I would hate to have to drive in that all the time. The lights really bother my eyes at night. Its crazy! Some people even have colored lights. I think they are a distraction.


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Oh yes, it is really pretty, especially in the rain.

When you live in a big city (as I used to) you get used to driving in heavy traffic. It becomes normal and you no longer mind it as much.


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I live in a very rural area and we don't have a ton of traffic although it has increased quite a bit after the local university started expanding. I don't mind driving at night, but I do mind driving at night in the rain. It is so hard to do especially since I got new glasses. It makes my head ache, but I don't do it often enough to worry about.
The headlights on my car are dimmer than I would like them to be, so I really don't like to drive at night, and I especially hate driving at night in the rain. It's kind of hard to avoid this time of year though, because it gets dark so early and it rains at least once a week.


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On freeways sometimes I wish the lighting was better, then on side streets I wish headlights were dimmer. I guess there is no perfect balance between the two when it comes to visibility.


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Lights on the highway

What bothers me the most are two things. One is those dim wits who refuse to turn off their bright lights. Another is those new LED lights. I detest those things. The color bothers my eyes so much worse than the regular lights we're all used to.


There are numerous towns that offer a Free Freeway Metro Service for drivers who are broken down. What the metro service does is to make certain you get to a safer position or get going.