Car of the future


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What is the car of the future going to really be like? I thought that by now we would be living like the Jetsons, but we are not really there yet. We have some great improvements, but we are are also killing the ecosystem.


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Oh God! I know what you mean. I used to love the Jetsons, and I have always been looking forward to a flying car. Are we close to this? :) Well, I know we have made a lot of progress with car efficiency. I wish we had solar powered cars. :)


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Hopefully one that does not want to take your arm, leg and chest for payment on whatever it runs off of. I don't see the point of electric cars, they take electricity. I do not get it, I guess I am just old school or something.


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Good question and it's anybody's guess. I would imagine "hybrid" cars will be the next wave as the world figures out how to put some kind of infrastructure in place to distribute clean energy.


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I also love the idea of wheeless cars, something like more advanced versions of hovercraft. The car manufacturers may will be developing more self driving cars in the future.


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A self driving car sounds like wonderful to have, but I don't really get into it. I don't like the idea of not having control over a car I am driving.