Carbon Fiber?


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Many race cars and "souped" up sports cars use carbon fiber body parts. Carbon fiber is very light and strong, but is VERY expensive. Curious if anyone here thinks it's worth it? Not for me, but I don't race.


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I think I would be inclined to pay a little more for a new car if the design incorporated some carbon fiber and it made a difference on the fuel economy of the car.


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heldime and

I'm not sure if I would pay for this, I don't race at all. As a matter of fact I'm a very slow driver so I see no need for me to pay for carbon fiber parts.


Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is exorbitant and can be harder to work with, but the heaviness and material properties help differentiate some brands that construct skis with it—especially prepreg carbon.


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Carbon fiber is a bit played out now though. My buddies all have it on their new benz and bmws. I do like the look of it on the exteriors though, but once it starts coming like that from the factory...It got a bit played out.