Cars and built-in media


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That's just crazy. Here in Ontario, Canada there is a law against talking on your cell phone while driving unless you use a hands free device. This is to avoid distracted drivers. Now they want to add social media to the mix.


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Remember when cordless phones were hot and new? :shocked: I guess this new technology is cool for some, but where is the limit? Do we really need all these things in a car? They can't wait until we are home? I mean, we already have them on cell phones.


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I agree with you, Lamboguy. It boggles my mind that my spouse will leave the house, and no sooner get in the car and be calling me. Couldn't you say it before you left two minutes ago? Really?


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It does sound like a less-than-optimal situation. I'm not sure what the manufacturers are thinking when they keep adding more distracting things to the interiors of the vehicles.


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Adding social media to cars is ridiculous, careless, and pointless. Not only is it completely unsafe, but social media is going to fizzle out. Maybe not in a few years, but eventually. Then you'll be left with a big hunk of nothing in your car.


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Cars and media

Are people crazy? Yes, they are. I just spent hours driving home and had to wait at least six extra long stop light segments because the people ahead of me were talking on their cell phones. I'd give tickets to every driver on the road with a cell phone. Either talk or drive, period.


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I can't believe auto manufacturers are actually putting automatic media connections in cars. Aside from the fact that Facebooking while driving is dangerous because it distracts you from the road, it's also dangerous because it will tell the entire Facebook world where you are and where you're headed, making it a piece of cake for any run-of-the-mill stalker to come after you and your entire family! Besides, do we really want to head in a direction where we're so dependent on social media that we can't go without it long enough to drive to the store and back? That's called addiction, people!!


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It must be profitable in some way to the manufacturers to be adding this kind of technological option to their products. To me, it feels more like "exploitation" than something that people can really benefit from. I'm suspicious!

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There are already enough distractions when driving. What are people thinking? As if people talking or texting on cell phones isn't bad enough.


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Hopefully, it's set up so only the passenger can access it. Some drivers are bad enough without being distracted with on-board social media.
That doesn't sound like a good idea. You don't need to have access to Facebook in your car! Needless distractions are one of the top causes of accidents.


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Haven't studies been done about this sort of thing? How distractions such as this raises the chance of having an accident? Kind of seems to me that your insurance rates would go up because you're in a car with features that have been proven to increase your odds of having an accident.


But there are restrictions while you are driving your vehicle than you cant use such thing, which can divert your mind.