Did you vote yet?


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Have you voted yet? Its your right and duty so get out there and vote. I took my daughter with me, she was pretty excited. There were quite a few people when I went to vote. I hope everyone answers yes!


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I voted and I was on the edge of my set all night waiting for the final results. I was amazed at the amount of hatred that was going around last night and this morning though. It seems grown ups are in short supply these days.


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As of last night, we were still waiting for final results here in Florida. It no longer matters, of course, but everyone still wants to know who won the state. I haven’t checked the news today.


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We did vote and we got there just in time before the place was too crowded. Going into work that day passing the Fire Station the lines were parked and it is a small place so I figured parking would be bad. When we got there in the early evening we were two of five people there.