Do you eat breakfast?


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Well so yeah, I guess this is a random question, but I really don't like to eat breakfast, I just don't have the appetite I would have than when it's dinner. I've heard (and I know) for a fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I like to disregard it, but I eat cereal for breakfast sometimes, other times I don't eat anything at all.

So yeah, do you eat breakfast, and if you do how much and what do you eat?


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I usually take up breakfast heavily. Better consult a doctor and learn whats the problem with your body.


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Should never avoid breakfast. Its the energy builder for the whole day activity. Never miss your breakfast.


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todsSit Sarah

Once I can forget to take bath but never avoid taking daily breakfast whatsoever be the situation. I used to take an apple, milk, 2 almonds and one fist sprouts. This keeps me energetic and happy from inside whole day. :smile: