Driving in flip flops


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I am not going to drive in flip flops anymore! I almost wrecked this morning because my flip flop got caught under the brake. I could not stop! I was able to use my left foot and hit the brake. It was scary though! Do you drive in flip flops?


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I generally kick mine off and drive barefoot. I really think that's safer than keeping them on. I know some friends that have actually wrecked because of those things.


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I don't wear flip flops but I do wear work boots. I often times have a problem with my boots too. I wouldn't drive in flip flops ever. I don't think driving barefoot is a good choice but it's probably smarter than driving in flip flops.


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I drive in flip flops every day all summer long and I have never had a problem. I think that it is possible for something like this to happen in any type of shoe though. I mean think about it, if your work boots have thick tread or if you are wearing heels, they could both get caught the same way.


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I live in Florida, so we wear flip flops almost all year. I've never had an issue driving in them myself. I'm sorry you had such a scary experience.


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I have heard that in many states it is illegal to drive with a shoe that has no heal. I remember my parents telling me about this years ago and yes after I was 18 and out on my own I tried it. Totally hated it too, zero control what-so-ever and I ended up barefoot (I think this is illegal too).


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Driving in flip-flops

I wear sandals that are similar to flip-flops, and occasionally I'll catch the toe of mine. Nothing has prevented me from controlling the car. I'll have to be extra careful not to get them stuck.