Eating in the Car


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Do you ever eat in the car? Do you let others do so?

We eat in the car but our kids are too young to do it right now without making a big mess, so we don't let them.


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Very rarely and then only a quick snack while traveling or if my blood sugar gets low. I don't like chancing the mess and it hurt the trade-in or resell value if you have stained upholstery or mats.


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When I first bought my truck, I was adamant that no one eat in it. I didn't and nobody else did either. Now that I have had it for about 8 years, I am really lax about it. I am not thinking about resale anymore.


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We do all of the time and it's not a good thing. I went to clean out the van one day and found several french fries under the seats. It would be hard to say how long they've been there.


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We eat in the car all the time. The only thing that bothers me is when people are too lazy to take their drink cups out of the holders and discard them. Then there are those who leave their wrappers on the floor. I detest that.


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We eat in the car all the time too. I tried to not but it only lasted about 2 weeks. We do clean the car a lot more often now (because we eat in it so often).

Otto Von

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I always said that when I got my first car, I would never eat in it and no one else would either. Well, that thought has gone out the window! My friends and I all eat in the car from time to time. We just try to not leave a mess, and normally no one does.


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No no i am against to eat in the or have a party in the car with drinks,with this your car get inserted and badly hit by others if you allow eating in the car.So i never eat in the car and also my friend have the same habit.