Electric Stand Up Scooters


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I just heard that some cities are putting there police force in electric stand up scooters. I sure hope they are sturdier and faster than the ones you see in the malls and on the sidewalks. I can't imagine them being very safe though.


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They are really doing this? I thought it was just a rumor. They don't look safe but if you know how to "drive" then they won't be a problem. The problem is them being slow though.


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Maybe they are faster than Segways. I see kids zipping around on little electric scooters all the time, so maybe the police department invested in quick ones like those.


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Man, I would love to have a Segway. If gas prices continue to rise, we may see these on the highways. At least on the sides of the highways. Just Kidding. That would truely be "unsafe."