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I want to change my speakers in the car. I don't know what I want. Are other speakers really better than the factory speakers your car comes with?


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Theoretically I suppose they are. I am not a big fan of car audio, though, so I don't bother to seek out and spend money on new speakers. Everyone I know who has set up a new system thinks their car rattling adds to the music instead of detracts from it.


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I have never replaced mine other than the speaker that blew out right when we got the car. I have a feeling the past own was at fault since we seldom listen to music high enough to blow an entire speaker.


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I bought this Dodge several months ago and it has the worst speaker system in it I have ever seen. The radio has been changed out and I think all the speakers have been "busted." One of these first days, I'm going to stop by the local sound shop and have it checked out.


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I haven't changed mine but I imagine that those cars from which you hear really loud music have a better sound system than the original one the car came with in the first place.


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Yes my friend they are! The car manufacturers has a set budget for manufacturing of the car so the builtin Car Speakers are not that of good quality. I think it's the time for you to replace your it with the new branded one. There are few Top Car Speakers brand which you can take like sony. JBL, pioneer. Among these I have pioneer 3 way speakers and I am fully satisfied with this brand. If you want to buy any audio system then I think this is the best choice for you.
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I think that belongs to how good car you own. But most other speakers are good than that come with factory.