Favorite car movie


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We were batting around movie titles over the holidays with some of the different generations in our family. The subject came around to all-time favorite movies featuring cars. Of course, movies like "Cars," "Christine" and "Back to the Future" came up. What other movies rank up there in your memories of automobiles?


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I like action movies so the Fast & the Furious franchise and Gone in 60 Seconds come to mind. I like fast cars and those two movies are full of them.


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Both "Christine" and "Back to the Future" are on my list of favorites. "Cars" is good but more for the kids. "Christine" is suspenseful and has a plot. I think I'll go find that one for tonight now that you mention it.


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Movies with cars

Don't forget "American Graffiti" and "Smokey and the Bandit." I remember the first time I ever saw Suzanne Somers in that Thunderbird. I can't believe she's now a genuine senior citizen.


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Fast and Furious would be my all time favorite! I loved Herbie too! Christine gave me the creeps! I had a hard time watching the whole movie.