Fellow Motorcycle Lovers!


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I grew up racing motocross and love motorcycles. Now I have a Honda VTR 1800 and just love cruisin. I love my cars, but have a real passion for motorcycles. Just wondering how many fellow bikers or motorcycle enthusiasts are on here? What do you ride?


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Hey, a fellow motocross lover! My son is a pro racer in Canada. He rides a Yamaha and I love it because I do most of the mechanical work on it for him. Currently don't have a street bike. We go to the races with my son many weekends in spring and summer.


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I grew up around bikes, my dad and brother always had them. My dad still owns a couple of bikes - Both Harley Davidson's. 1 is a crotch rocket (he calls it) and the other is a 3 wheel bike, that one is awesome. My parents are getting up their in age so they take the 3 wheel bike out the most.


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I love motorcycles, but I have never learned how to drive one. I like riding on the back with my boyfriend, though! We ride lots of places with his other biker friends.


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I won't tell you how many years ago, but before we had kids, both my husband and myself had matching motorcycles. When we started a family, the bikes went. but they sure were fun.


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My brother had a motorcycle, but I have never driven one. I rode a few times when I was really young (like 6 or 7) with adult riders, but that was a long time ago!