For a 16 year old


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I'm looking for ideas on a car for my daughter. She is 15 now but in 6 months she will be 16. She is already chatting up driving :shocked:. Of course she wants a real beauty of a vehicle. What would you buy a 16 year old for a vehicle?


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My parents gave me their old car because they had just bought a new one for themselves. I wouldn't spend more than a grand or so on a car for a 16 year old only because if she wrecks it then you are out the money.


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My parents did the same for me as FenderBender - they gave me their old car after they bought another newer model for themselves. I think this would be a great solution for your daughter. If you don't think this is a good idea for some reason, I would suggest buying her something like a 4-door Honda or Nissan, used. (I don't suggest buying new under any circumstances. The car depreciates too quickly and there are too many great deals out there to be found buying used.) Personally, I drive a Nissan Altima, and it's been a great car. I haven't had any issues out of it in the 2 years that I've had it now, and I've driven about 60,000 miles on it so far. (It's at about 110,000 miles.) Just don't get her a hot rod!!!


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Clunker for teens

I believe teens should learn to drive on the most heavy duty, safest and easiest car to drive possible. If it's already got scratches and dents, that's even better. Let them save the good cards for after they've learned to appreciate what they have enough to keep it that way.


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I am worried because within the next few years I will be in the same boat you are currently in. Our oldest will start driving and while I do not want them to ride around in something unsafe, I also do not want to worry about them as a driver (my biggest fear is he will be bad at it).


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Most kids these days want something fast (like Camaros and Mustangs), but that's the last thing they need. I would suggest something relatively mild and safe (such as a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic). Kids don't have the maturity yet to handle speed and power.

I purchased my first car from the money I made working at my grandmother's restaurant from the time I was 12. It was a 1966 Buick Skylark that cost me $300. I see nothing wrong with making a kid work to pay for his or her first car. I'm like this, if you want it, you should pay for it.


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I completely agree with Corinne. Get her something used. If you are looking for a new car, it wouldn't hurt to give her your old car and have her make payments and such so she can see what owning a car is all about. Plus, your old car is something she is probably already used to driving.


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I would buy an older, larger type car that had a good safety rating. I would never put my teenager in a small compact car because with teenagers you just never know. Along with ownership should come responsibility. My parents bought me the car but I had to pay for gas and insurance or the car went off the road.