Good news for Terre Haute, IN!


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The ThyssenKrupp Presta plant in Terre Haute, Indiana, is going to add some more assembly lines. Sounds like some great added jobs in the area! They're supposed to be starting construction this month.


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That is awesome news! I love hearing about companies opening new plants or expanding old ones, especially these days when new jobs are crucial. I hope that everything works out like it should and some more people are put to work.


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Oh, this is wonderful news. I wouldn't be surprised if those jobs are already snagged up. The economy is rough right now. Hopefully more opportunities like this show up.


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Excellent news. The more jobs we get the better. I get tired of hearing of all the outsourcing going on which makes our economy worse. Good for Terre Haute.:smile:


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This is great news. The unemployment statistics are staggering at the present time. I applaud the ThyssenKrupp Presta plant. I do hope there is no government funding involved.