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It's closer then you think. :smile: Do you go all out for it? Decorate the yard and house? Have a party? Our neighbors really do! We always have candy for the kids but that's about it.


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We usually decorate the yard and have a few touches indoors. I love handing candy out to the kids. I wish more kids lived around here so I could give out more candy.


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We used to go all out complete with someone hiding behind the bushes to scare the kids after they got their candy. We toned it down the last few years but I still do enjoy handing out candy and seeing all the costumes.


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Not really! We do decorate for fall but not too much for Halloween. We do get pumpkins but not a lot else. We don't have a party but we go trick or treating.


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We go all out! The decorations are already up! We make our house scary and put tombstones in the front yard. We don't have a party but we do hand out candy.


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I went to buy a few Halloween decorations about the middle of September and was really shocked to see Christmas decorations already out in the stores. Amazing! Retailers are out to get as many dollars as they can. I do like Halloween and decorate just enough to let the kids know they can trick or treat at my house.