Have bikes gotten any safer?

Otto Von

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I was just thinking about this today. Today should be my Uncle's 53rd birthday, but he was tragically killed 26 years ago in a motorcycle accident. Have bikes gotten any safer over the years or are they still as dangerous as they always have been? You would think over the years, they would become safer especially after so many fatalities!


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I would assume they have gotten safer in the last 26 years. I think a lot of accidents happen because of poor driving. Other cars on the road don't pay attention and cause bikes to crash.


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Safety of bikes

My nephew just bought a custom designed bike, and he assures me they are not as dangerous as they used to be. Working parts respond more quickly to body cues than they once did. They're much more reliable, and protective gear just plain works better. Still, put a fool behind the handle bars, and who knows what will happen?