Heater Problem #3?!

Okay, I hate to post about a heater problem when there are already two other heater problems on the forum, but it is wintertime so I guess heater problems are pretty common right now. I think I've got one for you that you might not have ever heard of before. When I go out in the mornings to crank my car, I turn the heater and windshield defroster on. Half an hour later, I come back out to get in the car and go to work, but the heater is still pushing out cold air like it no longer works. As soon as I put the car in drive and start down the road though, the heat kicks in. As soon as I stop the car (say at a stop sign or red light) the heat disappears. Start driving again, get heat again. Stop driving, lose heat. Repeat, repeat, repeat. What gives?!


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That is the strangest thing! I had a car once that every time you sped up the pressure of the heater would get lighter. I've never heard of your problem though! That is surely odd! You better get it fixed, you will need the heat!
Smash - Are you saying that when you would try to increase the pressure of the heater, it would actually decrease instead? If so, that actually sounds like a faulty resistor to me. Is that what ended up being the problem? As for mine, I talked to a mechanic today and I'm bringing the car in Monday to have it looked at. They think it may be a faulty thermostat sensor, or something to that effect.