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Hypermiling is purposely altering your driving to increase gas mileage and includes things like going the speed limit, slowly accelerating at lights, or even things like drafting 18-wheelers. Do you hypermile at all?


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Nope! I always say I'm going to drive the speed limit but then I get a late start. I don't like to get to close to semi's either. They scare me! They can lose control too quick and then I'm a goner.


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I agree, I don't like being in the draft lane of semi's because I don't feel like I have control over my vehicle. I don't really actively try to do any of these things but sometimes it happens that way.


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About the only thing I do is watch my speed when taking off at lights and when slowing down. I try to keep my foot off the accelerator as much as possible. I also use cruise control.


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I purposely drive to extend my gas mileage. In this day and age, it makes sense. However, I would not get close to the big rigs. I think that's too dangerous to be worth saving a few cents on gas.