Increasing the acceleration of my mitsubishi


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This is my latest modification project right here. I want to increase the acceleration of my 1998 mitsubishi mirage. Currently, it has a 92hp 1.5 liter engine 4 speed automatic. But I want to increase the acceleration even just a bit. I've heard that making the car "lighter" could help. But I don't know how to do that. Another friend says that adding a K & N air filter would help. But I'm still open to other options like replacing other mitsubishi parts coz K&N isn't cheap. Does any of you have a suggestion as to how I would go about it? Thanks!
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The only way I know to make a car lighter is to remove anything you can do without (including rear seating if possible, and interior panels) or replacing with lighter items. Neither cheap nor a convenient option.


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I suggest that change the transmission into manual. You really can't do much with an automatic transmission.

I would consider making your car lighter if you can't afford to change the transmission into manual.


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If you really don't want a manual conversion then may I suggest a turbo? If yo can do the job yourself I bet you could get a 2nd hand for under $2k.


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Can you supercharge/intercool that engine? Turbo would probably be easier but supercharging will give more power. It just depends on how much you wanna spend?