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Can anyone here give me some feedback on Kia? I am thinking about buying my mom a car and all she needs is something reliable to get back and forth to work. I was thinking a Kia might do the trick if they have a good reputation.


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Last I've heard (and this was a few years ago), Kia is on par with Hyundai. It'll do the trick for awhile but don't expect longevity.

Hopefully someone with more recent information can chime in just in case that's changed.


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I have never been a big fan of Kia to be honest. I think you would do better to go with a smaller Ford, like a Focus or a Chevy, like a Cruze. The thing about Kia's that I noticed is that they aren't built to last. If you have even a minor accident with one, they are pretty much toast.


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Kia producing many awesome design this year,firstly its look is very graceful and mainly it attaches to Hyundai.its pricing is also manageable and also these cars are very powerful engine vise totally fit.