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would anyone know of any aftermarket "bolt-on" items that would increase my mileage in my 2000 trailblazer and 98 astrovan?
both with the 4.3 vortex motors.
i was thinking in regards to the air filter


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k&n air filter, hi-flow cat-back exhaust, hi-flow cats,power programers or chips, upper intake spacers,most of all stay ontop of tune ups and servicing. i've found that almost anything that makes more horsepower[ within reason] can inprove your fuel mileage. Have you ever heard of a Motorvac machine? HUGE fuel for more info. one tech i know offered your money back if you didn't find big fuel savings. he never had to give back one red cent.


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All add-ons usually minimize the system performance. The system on its own gives a mileage which is only true.


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No its not like that. Not all add ons decreases the performance for example engine boosters increases the speed.