Motorcycle Christmas card


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I remembered the other night that I had taken a photo of a friend as he was posing on my nephew's new red Harley this past summer. I traced down the shot, sent off for some Christmas cards and am going to surprise his children and wife with a Christmas card with his motorcycle pose. They will be surprised because he is not the motorcycle type.


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Sweet! My parents use a snapshot of their bike and them on it every year. They take one in a different location and use it. It's funny but a tradition now. I bet his kids and wife will love it.


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Motorcycle photos

This reminds me of a photo I took of my brother's wife this past summer. She is the stodgiest, uptight female on the planet. She never smiles or approves of anything. A friend came over on his new red Harley, and we were all taking turns sitting astride it, taking pictures of each other. The kids talked her into getting on it. About the time I hit the shot, my brother revved up the motor. Her face turned into a shot that looked like it came out of "When Harry Met Sally." You know the scene (wink). Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. Then all the women wanted to "have what she was having." The picture is priceless.