Oil Changes


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How many miles can I safely drive over the recommended oil change number? Sometimes I let it go as much as 3,000 over. Is this safe?

Vroom Vroom

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I have heard that it is okay to let it go over that much, but it kind of depends on who you talk to or what you read. I typically change my oil about that often and so far I haven't had any problems.


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I always keep checking the oil once a week to see what the color is. When it gets too dark for my taste, I change it. It's usually around the 2,000 mile mark.


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Synthetic or regular? The 0-20 weight synthetics are being pushed as much as 10,000 between oil changes.


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I used to get it changed about every 3000 miles, but the manual for my Mazda 5 advises every 7500 miles, I believe, so I go by that now.


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I usually change mine between 3,000 and 5,000. I think Spokane has the right idea about checking the color. If you don't feel like checking it every week, every other week would be fine.


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How hard are you driving the car? I know with the new one we got the did an extend for all vehicles in our house so even if we take a car we did not buy with the place (family owned in our area), they still change all oil for ten bucks. If you can snag a deal like that there really is no excuse to go over the recommended time.


The car oil should be changed after 6000 Kilometers.:mullet: