Putting in garage shelves


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I've been noticing the shelving and cabinets in the Big Brother storage room. Is this the kind of shelving they use in garages these days? If so, I really like that the room looks like a room, and all the shelves are adjustable.


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I would if they could be used in a carport, we have one side that is going to be closed off and against the fence line. How much do they typically cost?


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I love those shelves too. I would put them in my garage for sure. They do look adjustable and that is a plus. You don't know how many times I wish I could lower and raise the shelves that are in my garage.


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Well I haven't seen Big Brother so not sure what type of shelves you're talking about. We do have one wall of adjustable shelves in our garage that I really like. Helps keep everything organized.


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My neighbor just finished closing in his garage to make a family room. It already had those fancy shelves in it so there wasn't much work to do. It sure turned out great. He even put a pot bellied wood stove in one corner. Nice!