Rental Cars


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Have any of you ever bought a rental car? These would be the ones used by Avis or Enterprise, etc. They usually have fairly low mileage and are in good shape. What has been your experience?


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When we had to get the rental a few weeks ago while the car was in shop I noticed on the website for Enterprise they advertise selling them too. I honestly never knew what happened to them but it seems most rental places only keep a car for a year if that. I have never bought one myself but the prices I caught I might actually be tempted to buy as long as the car was in decent shape.


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I don't know if I would want to buy a car from a rental car service. It's been my experience that they just don't seem to be well made.


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I've seen first hand how people abuse their rental cars. I don't think they are kept up well at all. I wouldn't even consider buying a rental car unless there were absolutely no better deals out there.


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I've always had great rental cars and treated them well. The last one was a little Seabring Convertable. I would love to have one of those just to drive around in the summer. I would consider purchasing a rental but would have it checked out by my mechanic first.


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Opal, You have scratched out my past experience. I bought a rental car though I never want to buy that but the price attract my soul. It was looking like a new car , used for just 3-4 months. But when I drove it I felt what a big mistake I have done. That time I was feeling like I was sitting on a bullock cart experiencing it's ups and downs. From that time I have decided not to buy any more rental car.