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The bikes on the road these days look dangerous, but I'm sure safety must have been built into them over the years. How safe are bikes these days compared with their counterparts in the 50s and 60s? My son wants one, but I'm extremely concerned about the safety issues.


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Sadly, it's not so much the bikes you have to worry about as it is other drivers. Most bikes are perfectly safe, it's other drivers in a rush and not paying attention (or worst, doing their make-up) that are what you need to watch out for these days. Drivers have lost their respect for the bike it seems. :(


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My husband had to lay a bike down years before we got married and while its the scariest part of being on a bike, he had to do it in order to avoid a driver (of a car). Many car drivers do not pay attention to bikers.


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I don't know about comparison, but bikes are about as safe, if not safer than, most cars. As long as you know how to control your bike and you are confident in your riding skills, you're good.


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I'm sure there are many more safety features on a bike built with today's technology. But there are also a lot more vehicles on the road and bikes seem to be invisible to some drivers. I'd ride a dirt bike before I'd get on a street bike today.