Smart Cars

Vroom Vroom

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There is a pink Smart Car that I see all over town. I admit they are cute, but I don't know if I could ever be comfortable in one. Has anyone ever rode in one and are they as tight a fit as they appear?


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Smart Cars are too small for me. I have seen vidoes of these little cars after an accident and you couldn't pay me to get in one. Most people don't survive an accident. Check u-tube for the videos.


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I think I'd rather ride a bike. One of the more important things for me in a car is being comfortable while I'm driving, and there's just no way I could be comfortable in a car like that.


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What exactly makes a car smart? We just traded in the truck this weekend for a Dodge Journey and to me its pretty smart. So far we are learning a great deal about our driving habits and what makes for a better shot when it comes to saving MPG. :)