Speakers In The Doors


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I have a 1994 Honda Accord, and the front speakers are in the front doors. Well, both are busted and I'm wondering if this is a job I can take on myself. I've always been cautious about trying to remove the door panel, as I'm afraid it won't go back on right, and the hole in the metal (where the speaker is) isn't very big at all, so I know I wouldn't have much room to work. Is this a difficult job for the average car owner to do?


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I would advise you to leave it to someone who has done it before. It's not rocket science but there are wires to be handled and then putting it back just the way it was, it's hard work, I tell you.


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Me too. When I decide to try to fix something that will save me money, I usually end up going to the professional anyway. Let somebody replace the speakers that knows what they are doing. You will be better off in the long run.