Surprised to No End


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I have been putting off going to Motor Vehicles because I always end up spending hours there. I couldn't wait any longer and went yesterday to get a copy of my car's title. Could you believe it took me less than 15 minutes to get everything done? Everything seemed to be moving right along and there were no huge lines every where.

Was this a glitch in the universe? Or are Motor Vehicle offices finally changing?


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Maybe you were in a time warped. I know that in my neck of the woods, it takes almost two hours to do anything. Sometimes, it takes even longer. So you are really lucky.


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In the county just south of me, there's chaos. Satellite offices are closing down to save money, and the result is lines that can reach out the door and down the street. Thank goodness I live in a small rural county, because it usually just takes me a few minutes to take care of my business.


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In my state, they now close on Mondays statewide. However, they have added late nights two days a week to compensate. I try to do as much as I can on the internet.