Switching insurance coverage


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Right now, I have full coverage on my vehicle which means that if I were in an accident and the car was damaged the insurance company would pay up to the value of the car for repairs or replacement. It is pretty expensive and since my car is now a decade old, I am thinking about getting PLPD which means it really only covers you if someone else hits you. You can get a rider that covers animal damages and glass repair. It would save me almost 50% to change it but I am scared that the second I do, I will get in an accident.


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What kind of car do you have? We used to have a '99 Civic and we dropped coverage on it because we knew it was only worth a couple grand at that point anyway. The money we saved on premiums could go towards replacing the car if we had an accident.


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Car insurance coverage

I have a vehicle that is 12 years old and am still paying for full insurance coverage. I hadn't thought of it from your point of view. Thanks for bringing it up. I'll be looking to see what others are saying. I'd love to save on my insurance, too.


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I would say that you should change it if it will save you the money. With the age of your car, I am sure that they probably would not pay what it's worth anyway. Rose is right you could use the money you save to fix the car or get a new one if you have an accident.


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I've always kept full coverage on any vehicle. I also keep under-insured coverage on my insurance and it's sure saved my bacon. We had an accident in 2009 and I lost a lot of work. The other guy only had liability so I got nothing from him. However, my under-insured coverage helped quite a bit.


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I have never had anything other than full coverage as I would hate the outcome if an accident did happen. I went from Progressive to State Farm and saved a ton. Maybe you could find a better insurance company with smaller payments still having full coverage?