Tire Pressure

How often do you check the tire pressure in your tires? Be honest! I don't check the tire pressure nearly as often as I should, but I checked it yesterday and found that all 4 tires only had about half as much air in them as they should. I'm going to have to start staying on top of this from now on!!


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Air pressure

It's probably been six months since I've checked my air pressure. I do check it when I am headed on an out-of-town trip. I'm guilty of negligence.


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Once a month as long as things are riding smooth, I never deal with setting them back up again for me it is easier to just pay someone for it. Same goes with the husbands vehicle since his is mixed with air and nitrogen, we would rather not take that task on.


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I check mine whenever the sensor chimes at me. It happens every 6-8 weeks, I'd guess. It seems pretty frequent but I always need the air.
RoseRed - I wish my car had air pressure sensors on the tires! I think they are making that a Federal requirement for all vehicles made in the US starting next year or the year after, but regardless, my car doesn't have it. :(


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Nice to know the suggestion about tire pressure,and how to perceive the tire pressure in your tire.Its a general information for all the vehicle holders but it is different in different vehicles,so manage it as vehicle weight and category.