What about electric cars?

Should we add a forum for electric cars?

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Would it be possible to get a sub forum for electric cars? I did not think they would be popular but I already know 3 people who own one.

Dodge Doll

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You must live near a major city center, coup, because those are the only places electric vehicles are showing up: IN major city centers.

Seattle is a good example of why electric cars are having a hard time catching on, too: a lot of folks live in the surrounding small towns, and commute (hwy driving) into the City. It's the same thing in Ontario, and the community of Barrie: most folks in Barrie brave the 1.25 hr long commute to and from Toronto for work. One traffic jam, and the battery is going to run down and strand yer butt unless there's an alternate fuel source.

Interesting idea, for a forum, though. ;)


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We live in a small enough town that we don't have to worry about electric cars. You've gotten me to thinking, however. No wonder electric cars haven't caught on as much as the idea seems to promise. Who wants a car whose battery is always giving out?


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I agree that it`s a good idea for a sub forum. I can`t see myself driving one though. Aren`t they small? I wouldn`t want to be stuck in traffic with a dead battery either. And how fast can they go? Interesting topic you`ve got.


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Electric cars

I know several people who have purchased electric cars. It would be great to address some of the issues that come up in the conversations we've had. They like being able to scoot around town without spending a lot on gas.


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I keep seeing a ton of commercials online and the TV for them but for the radio very few ads seem to spring up. I am not sure it is something we could do, all of them look too small to be safe to drive in big traffic.


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An electric car forum would be a great idea. Big city or not, they are out there and I know a couple of folks that have purchased one. They love 'em. I'm just wondering what happens when they have to have it worked on for one reason or another.


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I was under the impression that some of them could also be switched from electric to gas so you had the option for either. Since I don't know a lot about them as yet, I guess some are 'only' electric?