What's hanging from your mirror?

Vroom Vroom

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I have a friend that can't stand to see anything hanging from a rearview mirror in a car. I have a necklace with a single bead that hangs from mine and it really drives her crazy.

I was wondering whether everyone else is okay with stuff hanging from the mirror. If so --- do you have something hanging from yours and what is it?
I don't hang anything from my rear-view mirror other than those tree-shaped air fresheners, because I'm afraid that anything any heavier than that will put too much stress on the mirror and cause it to break away from the windshield. I know that's probably not likely, but it happened in the other 2 cars I had before this one, so now I'm paranoid, ha ha!


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I used to have a charm with a crown and bling on it hanging from my rear view but my darling hubby decided it was a bother and took it down. He didn't like seeing it when he drove my car, he said it interfered with his vision. It never bothered me though.


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Nothing! I like to be able to see out my window. I don't need any distractions - the sun is bad enough. When I was a teen I had those fuzzy dice hanging there, nothing now.


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I haven't had anything hanging in my mirror for a very long time. I think it's actually against the law in most states because it is considered a distraction to yourself and other drivers.


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Nothing is hanging in my mirror. I am too afraid that it might obstruct my view in some way. I have no time for any kind of an accident, so I'm not taking any chances.


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When I was a kid, I had stuff hanging (my tassel after I graduated, for instance) but now the only thing that hangs on the rearview mirror is a necktie or two.


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I have a couple tree-shaped air fresheners and an orange cross necklace made from nails and orange-colored wire. A lady I know in Mississippi makes them for me and I sell them on the side.

I use to keep my car phone charger up there, but I figured that was a bit much, so I took it down and stuck it in the center console.
Right now all we have is our parking pass hanging from our mirror, lol. My husband does have a love affair with those tree air fresheners, though.


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I don't hang anything from my mirror but I remember a friend who hung a small noose from his mirror. This was when I was in high school. He said it was a conversation starter.


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At the very most maybe an air fresher if that but otherwise its pretty clear. We do have a cell phone docking station right below it and also a sticker pad for the toll road.


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When I was first starting to drive, a guy gave me some feathers on a clip. I didn't know it was a "roach clip" and hung it from my mirror. I just thought they were pretty and he was cute. My mother found out what it was and destroyed it. I have never hung anything from my mirror since.


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We don't have anything hanging from our rear-view mirrors. Call us boring and unimaginative. I prefer to stay safe when I'm driving and not block my view.


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I have a St. Christopher (patron saint of safe travel) medal my wife gave me. I drive a lot for work and it makes her feel better to know I have "protection" with me. As a matter of fact, I was in a pretty bad accident last winter and came out of it with barely a scratch.