Wrecker service


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It really does pay to have a good relationship with a service center both in your own town and in towns you travel to frequently. We had some car trouble this past week and I was so glad the people at the show knew me. They managed to get my vehicle fixed in no time flat.


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I understand totally. It's good to have someone who knows cars within yelling distance. I frequent a garage owned by a guy I went to school with. We have a friendly chat now and then, and those chats go a long way toward my getting good service.


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You said a mouthful Donnie. I'm on a first name basis with my mechanic and the local wrecker service. My mechanic has actually loaned me a car before when mine was in the shop. It just doesn't get any better than that.


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I am on really good terms with my mechanic. I go to a local shop. Last time I needed a really expensive job done they worked with me on a payment plan because I didn't have all the money up front.


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I don't really have a service center that I know well, but I do have a mechanic a couple hours away that I can call and a tire place locally that can do some other work also. I try to do stuff myself if I can.