Your First Drive


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When you were a youngster, did your dad ever let you drive the car? On private land perhaps, where the laws regarding licenses did not apply?


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Nope, he never did. To this date, it still pisses me me off to think that he never gave me a chance. He didn't even teach me how to drive. I had to pay for my own driving lessons.


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I remember a little teaching done by older family members, siblings and cousins but nothing major. I ended up taking drivers ed in school and just doing it the old fashion way. I guess I did fine seeing as I aced the class.


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I don't actually remember it, but there is a picture of me on my dad's lap and it seems I am driving. :) I was older than most kids when they get their license, but I am just happy I got it.


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We used to own a large farm in Tennessee, and by the time I was 12 years old, I was driving my dads old Chevy all over our farm, by myself. I was tall for my age, and could reach the pedals easily, so I'd drive out to the pig pen, or the pond, or the chicken house or wherever.