What Does the Future Hold For Car Audio?


Not everyone has the funding to buy a new car anymore, so it’s important to invest what you can in the vehicles you already own. Car audio systems in new cars feature things like built-in MP3 players, CD players and cassette decks, and satellite radio. Along with these new mediums for playing music, more sophisticated speakers are available, including surround sound and simulated surround sound systems for enhanced clarity and a more “live” music experience. Future car models will surely implement whatever new technological advances come our way, including more hi-fidelity digital sound, expanded computer memory to hold thousands of songs, playable at a touch of a button or via voice-activation, and music that has been mastered in 5.1 surround or better. For those on a strict budget, used car models can be purchased that contain your basic am/fm radio and cassette deck, with tone knobs for bass, treble, and stereo balance. Other features included in recent models include CD players and MP3 inputs.

If your speakers wear out, or your CD player or cassette deck stops working, an audio installation expert can replace it for a few hundred dollars or less. If you want to replace it yourself, here’s what you need to do. First, buy a stereo you like that has the features you want. Make sure it will fit into the slot for your old radio. Consult the user manual for your car to learn how to remove the dash from your car. You will need a few basic tools before you get started. You’ll need screwdrivers, wire cutters, and electrical tape. You need to first disconnect your car battery. You do this by disconnecting the ground cable. Next, remove your car’s dash panel. Remove any screws and slide the old stereo out from the slot. If there is one wire to disconnect, it is advisable that you purchase a wiring harness which will allow you to connect your new stereo easily. If you find a lot of wires, you will have to disconnect and reconnect them in order. The positive wires go into the positive connectors at the back of your new stereo, and the negative wires go into the negative connectors. Connect the ground wire with a metal screw or bolt. There should be twelve power wires to attach to your new stereo. Install these following the directions that came with your new stereo. The stereo should have come with a mounting bracket. Slide your stereo into place. Plug any other connectors, including the antenna, into your new stereo. Slide your stereo into the slot in your dash. Reconnect your car’s battery and test your new radio to be sure it works properly. Then, screw the radio into the dash. Replace the dash cover as before. Car audio will always be evolving with the rest of technology, particularly digital technology. This is a good thing for modern consumers. There will always be new products to try and ways to save money on music for your car. As technology progresses, it invariably gets cheaper over time, which is more good news for consumers. You can have cinema-quality sound in your car on long road trips and during your daily commute. The possibilities that unfold in our daily lives as new discoveries are made in the world of science that is applicable to the way we entertain and educate ourselves are very important. Electronic components are dangerous when connected to the battery, so it is essential that you do not reconnect your car’s battery until you are finished working on your stereo and have put the dash cover back on. If you are concerned about electrical shock, consult a field manual or this web site for more information about how electrical components interact with each other. It helps to study and experiment with this field in order to gain a thorough knowledge of new technology applications as this new technology becomes more readily available.

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