How to Buy Your First Motorcycle

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Buying a motorcycle is an extremely important decision. It is important to make sure that you are buying the right motorcycle for you. There are many factors that should play into your decision to buy your first motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson – Take Care of Your Investment

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Not only are Harley-Davidson bikes the quintessential American motorcycle for hitting the open road, they also present owners with an excellent investment opportunity that may increase in value dramatically so long as the vehicle is properly maintained. Once you have finally gotten your Harley-Davidson motorcycle off of the lot and into your garage, it is up to you to maintain the appearance and performance of your bike so that it will retain its value for many years to come. Here is what you need to know about caring for Harley-Davidson motorcycle so that it continues to operate at peak condition while consistently going up in value over time.

Advice for Driving Near Motorcycles

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According to information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 80% of motorcycle crashes resulted in a fatality for the rider or passenger of the motorcycle involved. This is a shocking but understandable statistic when one considers the construction of a motorcycle and the fact it provides no protection for the rider in a crash. It is extremely important for those drivers in automobiles, in trucks and in large transportation vehicles pay attention to the rode and those around them while driving. While car occupant may only incur minor injuries if their vehicle is involved in an incident with a motorcycle, it is highly likely the motorcycle rider will be injured or killed. This is true even of very minor incidents on the road. What would be a fender bender for two vehicles could very well be a major fatality for someone on a motorcycle.

Why You Need Good Motorcycle Insurance

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There is nothing quite like zooming down a country road or highway on the back of a motorcycle. This is a way to experience the world in a truly unique manner. If you own a bike, then it is important to invest in the very best motorcycle insurance. This ensures that you will always be protected if there is an accident or issue. The following are some of the many reasons for why you need good motorcycle insurance before you set off for the ride of a lifetime.

Riding a Bike on Ice

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Riding a motorbike is a lot of fun for many individuals. A few utilize the bike for standard transportation and others utilize the bike for having great riding fun upon long, less crowded streets. At times, though, it becomes complicated to ride your motorbike upon icy streets. Icy, slick and cold weather make it hard to ride bikes upon the street. But, there includes a couple of methods of having a safe ride upon a motorbike on icy streets. Yet these methods will require high level of precautionary measures before going out on the motorbike with the ice everywhere.