How to Remove the Odor of Cigarettes From a Car

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The smell of cigarette smoke can get into every crevice of a car and give it a potent stale smell that can be very undesirable. The stale smell mostly comes out of the air conditioner panels when the air conditioner is on, but the smell of smoke can invade a car through every interior, especially the upholstery and plastic. Trying to get the smell of smoke out can seem like a daunting task, but there are many tried and true methods that have worked. Some are non mainstream methods that border on bizarre, and others are mainstream methods that many people may already know about. Getting the smoke smell out of a car can be a time-consuming endeavor. It can sometimes take many days or even weeks of trying, but eventually the smoke smell will go away.

How to Save Time Washing Motorcycles

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If you own a motorcycle you are sure to lavish quality time on it to ensure that it stays in perfect condition. However, washing your motorcycle can be a time consuming affair. Here are a few simple tips about how to save time washing motorcycles.

Proper Car Washing, Polishing and Waxing from the Experts

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How can you keep your car looking really clean, shiny and gorgeous? You could have it professionally detailed, and pay for it, however, costs can be quite high for this type of service. Expect to pay up to $150.00 in most parts of the country for an upgraded package which includes steam cleaning, carpet shampooing and protectant for vinyl surfaces.

What Is The Difference Between Car Wax And Paint Sealants?

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Many car owners love to spend their free weekends washing and waxing their new cars. They take pride in their labor, pleased at the transformation in appearance. They enjoy transforming a dirty car into a clean, shining machine. But despite the many rewards of hard labor, it takes more than some free time, boundless energy and enthusiasm to make a car look the way it did when it was in the showroom. Elbow grease can do a lot but only using the right products will turn back the clock. In order to get a brilliant shine, a car owner must use either car wax or paint sealant; but sometimes it may be difficult to decide which one works best.

Car Waxing and Doing Away With Scratches with Modern Equipment

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Although, as a new car owner, you may want to keep the pristine quality of your new car, life is seldom fair and accommodating and it will be almost impossible to keep your car looking like the same gleaming machine you fell in love with on the showroom floor. At some time, in some way, disaster inevitably strikes. One day, when walking to your car, you will detect an unexpected scratch. It may have been due to the shopping car that grazed against your door when you went to the grocery store or it may have been due to an act of vandalism because you parked your car in a rough urban district, but regardless of how the scratch got there, the first thing you will want to know what to do, after you have recovered from your sense of shock, is if there is a way to remove the scratch. Fortunately, there have been numerous technological advances in car care and sometimes car waxing and modern equipment can do away with a scratch. While you may choose to take your car to a body repair shop or to see a professional auto detailer, it’s also possible to fix the scratch yourself.