Five Car Care Myths You Should Know


1. During the colder months of the year, your car engine should be running for a few minutes before you actually drive it.

Actually, this is no longer necessary. Although the cars of past decades needed this kind of special treatment during the winter, most modern cars are able to handle the chilly weather. In other words, your car is not going to freeze up if you do not warm up the engine before driving. In all actuality, it is better to drive in order to warm up the engine, rather than simply having the car sit in the driveway. Keep this in mind.

2. When washing your car, it is good to use dishwasher detergent or even clothing detergent.

This is not true in the least. While many car owners seem to believe that this kind of soap is best in order to get rid of dirt and grime from the roads, it will actually do more harm than good. Because these detergents are meant to tackle the oil left behind by food and so on, it is bound to do damage to the surface of the car as a result. Instead, use soap created especially for washing cars.

3. If your car is under warranty, you have to have all of the work done on your car by the car dealership that sold it to you.

Maintenance on your car can be done anywhere; provided, of course, that you take care of certain things from the owner’s manual, and at the regularity it requires. When you do this, items under the warranty will be safe. However, make sure that the repairs and changes are documented; this can be done by the car care shop, or you can do it yourself. There is little reason to always rely on the car dealership to make repairs.

4. When winter comes, you must take your car to the maintenance shop to be “winterized,” or trouble could follow.

As with the first myth, this may have been true of the cars owned by your parents and grandparents, but it is not the case anymore. You can get special winter tires if you so desire, but all you really need to do is abide by winter driving safety rules and keep the gas tank full. A full gas tank means that the gas is less likely to freeze over, preventing you from going anywhere. Ask a professional for help if you find anything that leaves questions unanswered; they will know what to do.

5. Using cloths such as old shirts and diapers are ideal for washing your car.

They may be usable, but they are not thorough, and it could take a long time to clean off dirt and other problems from the car. Try to use something that is 100% cotton and with more substance, such as a terrycloth towel, in order to clean. This will not only save time but will help the car look better, as well.

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