88 Toyota celica Gt burns excessive gas HELP!!


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I have Toyota Celica Gt 88 .. 3S-FE is the engine and I have excessive gas burning.

I have done the tune-up routine..spark-plugs, wires, filter, air filter, Fuel regulator, .

I have also a rough idle that is spiratic at a complete stop . Sometimes it smooth. Another issue I have is a acceleration is extremely slow from STOP to GO . it take a little time for it to catch up.. I want to get scan diagnostic but its hard to find a mechanic that has the scan machine for such a older model of car.

I do know possibly that I am burning lean on my gas.. .. Im hoping someone here can tell me what I can do ..if I can do it my self being a female.. ha ha

Just dont have the funds for costly diagnosic.. If you know where or a place I can go to in Las Vegas, nv let me know.

I also do know and I am not sure if this matters but I have my gaskets or the camshaft that are leaking a little. My mechanic said I need to replace them camshaft and timing belt too he said

Is it easy to set ur timing belt if a person is just a kinda of mechanic??


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Hmmm... If you stuff your timing belt it can stuff your entire engine so I'd get a pro to do it. If your doing you tbelt then you'll have to pull the timing cover off and replace the cam/crank seals anyway, so you might as well do them all together.

Running rich? Maybe your o2 sensor or cat convertor... So many different explainations?????!!!


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Im also looking for a SCAN TOOL..orGUn for my car..

Wheres a good place to get SCAN GUN/TOOL for my car..1988 TOYOTA CELICA GT 3S-FE engine?

Im not sure what type of scan tool I need/... BUT I want to be able to diagnostic, so I have the codes in my book. Just not scan tool.

Can you tell me what type I need for this???

I cant go to the auto zone, pep boys, checkers like most people can cuz mine is older.
They do the scans only from 98 and newer




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Do an online search or just ask one of the local mechanics. You may also want to check with a junk yard to see if they could help you out. You wouldn't believe the things those guys have figured out about different cars after they've taken apart a couple of thousand for parts. Absolutely replace the timing belt too. If it's out of time it's going to spit and sputter and lose power. Good luck.