Battery Rip-off?


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So I take my diesel truck into the dealer this past winter. The truck has about 30,000 miles on it and has been well taken care of. It's been hard to start only sometimes, and especially if it sits outside. You'd think the mechanic would use this information to try to figure out what was causing the intermittent problem, wouldn't you? But no, his solution was to tell me that I needed 2 new batteries. Yeah right.


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I hate it when mechanics don't test other things and automatically assume they know what the issue is without even looking. The only reason you would need a new battery is if you left it to run out recently.


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Harley, that isn't necessarily true. My battery died while I was driving down the road (and it wasn't because my alternator was bad). I had never heard of that before but it happened. I thought I had ran out of gas but no, it was the battery and it wouldn't even take a jump. Sometimes batteries just get old.