Halloween Rides


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This may be a day late, but I still thought it was cool. Enjoy the slideshow of Halloween/supernatural themed cars. I recognized most of them before reading the caption; did you?

Otto Von

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How neat! I enjoyed watching the slideshow. I, also, recognized most of the vehicles before reading the caption. I was surprised by my knowledge of Halloween rides!


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Awesome!! I remember most of these cars. I love the Munster one and wanted one when I was a kid. I actually got to see the car when I went to a museum once. It was so cool!!


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The Munster Coach would be my first choice. Can you imagine that all tricked out? I can't believe they included Herbie in this montage, though. Nothing scary or Halloween-ish about a Beetle.


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Glad to know about the Halloween ride,its all about the Vintage and classic cars,i am fully interested in these cars and love these all cars.You mentioned in your submitted link for it.Some of the shots taken by the famous movies to be famous in the world.