Just Got Some Sweet Mud Guards


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I drive a Ford F350 Harley Edition pick-up. I've slowly been adding bits and pieces to my truck to make it even sweeter than it already is. The latest are mud guards that fit over the outside of the wheel well. My truck is charcoal and they're black. They can be painted but I'm liking them just as they are. :smile:


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Truck jewelry

Your new mud guards for your truck sound like truck jewelry to me. I'm sure they look pretty cool and serve a great function as well. You appear to love your truck. That's a great thing.


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I love mud guards! They are that little piece of accessory that make the entire outfit. I like looking at others' mud guards on the road, too. There are some pretty interesting ones out there!


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Mud guards

I never thought twice about having mud guards, but I finally see why people buy and use them. We spent last week at a campgrounds with all sorts of RV vehicles, cars, golf carts and motorcycles cruising the grounds. There were several days of rain and lots of mud. The people with mud guards on their bikes just grinned. They knew. I had mud up my calves just from being splashed myself.