Long Lasting Scented Product for Vehicle

I like those little scented trees that you can buy to hang over your rear view mirror, but they don't last long AT ALL. Are there any other scented products out there that genuinely last?


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I haven't found anything that lasts longer than a few weeks. It's hard to keep a car smelling good, especially if you have children or are eating in it all the time. I stopped buying anything to hang in the car. I do like the new car smell after a car wash.


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I keep one of those little spray bottles in my glove box and spray as needed. If I want a quick scent, I spray it in the vents and then turn the fan on for a couple of minutes. This tends to be pretty strong so just one squirt in a couple of vents is quite enough.
Opal, are you talking about something like Febreze?

Midnight Tech, what "stones" are you talking about?

I went into Wal-Mart over the weekend and bought something different this time, hoping it will last longer than those little trees I'd been buying. Are any of you familiar with the products that clip into your vents? I decided to try one of those, so we'll see!


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There's a concentrated spray available that I suspect is what Opal means. I've heard that it lasts a LOT longer than standard scents, and it's easy to keep the spray bottle (it's small) in the vehicle to "touch up" regularly.


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Nice to know about your suggestion about this long lasting scented tress for the vehicle.These are very pretty in look and also people show it in their vehicle as a decorative piece.I like it also and i am also want to try its stone experiment to check its life.